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An enlarged prostate is undoubtedly one of the most widespread and bothersome problems amongst men, usually over the age of 50. When the prostate begins to grow, discomfort begins to be felt, the urgency to urinate intensifies, and quality of life is significantly impaired. Each year, numerous men find themselves dealing with an enlarged prostate, and they try to find any kind of solution that will improve their quality of life.

If you also find yourself suddenly waking up at night with a great need to go to the bathroom, that still doesn’t mean that you’re suffering from an enlarged prostate. So, before you make yourself a doctor’s appointment, and waste half a day waiting for the doctor, and let your mind get carried away with all kinds of scary thoughts until you get the test results, there are a few preliminary signs which will help you understand if what you are suffering from is actually an enlarged prostate.


The first sign – a weak, disrupted flow:

If you run to the bathroom feeling that you are about to release a large amount of urine with a strong flow, but all that comes out is a weak flow that is disrupted, this should definitely be a warning sign for you.

The second sign – trickling and terrible frequency:

You went to the bathroom and urinated before you went to sleep. You got into bed, closed your eyes and pretty soon you feel like you have just finished drinking a whole lot of water and you need the bathroom again. If you find yourself waking up a few times at night to go to the bathroom and sometimes you “trickle” or leak a bit, then you are in trouble.


The third sign – You have just finished urinating but you still feel like your bladder is full, as if you haven’t really gone to the bathroom… this is also a definite warning sign.


The fourth sign – blood in your urine:

This would probably be the most alarming warning sign. If your urine is bloody, then you surely have a problem which must be tended to immediately.


When a man has an enlarged prostate, not all of the above signs or symptoms will necessarily appear at once. Some men have one or two symptoms, others have them all. In any case, as soon as you notice even one of the signs or symptoms, you should have it checked out and not neglect it.



Besides going to the doctor, you can use BRIZO® – a dietary supplement that is based on a unique soy extract. Brizo® is a completely natural, which greatly alleviates and improves the quality of life for a person suffering from an enlarged prostate.

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