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An enlarged prostate is a very common problem amongst men.

There is no doubt that this is a terrible inconvenience for men. Waking up several times at night to run to the bathroom to urinate, feeling constantly uncomfortable, suffering bothersome pains that accompany the feeling of a full bladder, even after urination, all causing a serious disruption of quality of life and the daily rhythm of life.

The symptoms of an enlarged prostate can appear in various ways. In some cases, it may just be discomfort, and in other cases it can become a true nightmare. Therefore, and because it is such a common phenomenon, there is a need to find effective solutions that will help men cope with the problem.

One of the best ways to cope with the benign prostate naturally, is with the food supplement “Brizo®“. Brizo® is a food supplement based on a unique soy extract,that was specifically developed for those people suffering from prostate problems.

Brizo® is an Israeli development, founded by Secure Pharmaceuticals Inc. This is an Israeli biotechnological company, whose main focus is the research and development of treatment solutions derived from botanical origin. Thanks to these solutions, which this Israeli company has developed and provided, many patients succeed in reaching successful results in a natural way and without a doctor’s prescription.

Secure Pharmaceuticals’ solutions combine the medicine world with the food supplement world, and thereby succeed in manufacturing a high – quality and reliable product. Many men who use Brizo® regularly enjoy significant improvement in their quality of life, which has been damaged by an enlarged prostate.

Our company meets the strictest quality control standards for manufacturing medicines, and its activity is supported by numerous hours of clinical research world wide. The manufacturing of our products is executed in the Upper Galilee, and amongst its products one can find various products promoting both men and women’s health.

No doubt that, as in other areas, the area of food supplements for the treatment of an enlarged prostate, from which many men suffer, the state of Israel stands proud by its local developments, that allow countless patients to take control of their lives and improve them as well.

The Brizo® capsule should be taken twice daily, morning and night, and one of its benefits is that you can take it with or without food.

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