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Prostate problems are probably amongst the most common, despairing, and even embarrassing problems that men, usually above the age of 50, can experience.
When we say: “prostate problems” we actually mean enlarged prostate.

The prostate, when it functions properly, is a sexual gland whose role it is to assist in producing semen. In most cases, usually as the male grows older – over the age of 50- the prostate begins to grow. This causes a feeling of urgency which accompanies urination, and the frequency of bathroom visits becomes high. Many men worldwide who suffer from an enlarged prostate are forced to adjust to a poor quality of life. Nights become a terrible nuisance, when you have to get up several times to the bathroom, and also the daytime hours become difficult.

How is the prostate treated?
When the problematic symptoms appear, some men will go for a doctor’s visit. The doctor will probably recommend various treatments according to the severity of the case. In some cases, the patient will be told just to continue to monitor the situation, and come back at a later stage.

If the symptoms are not so bad, and the quality of life is not terribly affected, some men may choose one of the various types of available medications. In cases where the symptoms actually cause sleep deprivation and the patient cannot function properly during most of the daily hours, the doctor may recommend an operation. The operation is invasive and definitely not pleasant.

In addition to the obvious treatments, like visiting the doctor and taking drugs, today there are natural solutions, available as dietary supplements, that can ease the problem. Of-course it is necessary to check what these supplements are made of, and how efficient they are.

The food supplement “Brizo®” has been proven to significantly improve prostate problems over time. The more Brizo® is used consistently, the greater the relief and the greater the improvement of the patient’s quality of life. Brizo® is based on unique tofu powder, and was developed by Secure Pharmaceuticals Inc., which is a biotechnological company that specializes in research and development of different botanical – based solutions for various medical problems.

Brizo® can be purchased over the counter – without a medical prescription – and should be taken twice a day with water, with or without food.

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