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The enlargement of the prostate leads to urinary problems. If you are suffering from BPH it is essential that you know how to differentiate between myths and facts in order to be able to choose the most suitable treatment for you.

MYTH: BPH is related to prostate cancer.

FACT: BPH is a non–cancerous condition, prostate enlargement associated with aging, however, sometimes the initial symptoms of BPH are similar to the ones of prostate cancer.

MYTH: The larger the prostate the worse the symptoms are.

FACT: The size of your prostate is not necessarily related to the severity of the symptoms. Some men have a very enlarged prostate but suffer from very few symptoms, while others with a smaller prostate suffer severely from many different urinary related symptoms.

MYTH: BPH appears only in elderly men.

FACT: Although BPH is most common amongst elderly men, it can develop at any age. The age of 50 is the average and most common age for the development of BPH and its related symptoms, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will actually develop, and it can start even in men that are much younger.


MYTH: Nothing can be done to alleviate the symptoms of BPH.

FACT: There are various ways to alleviate the symptoms of BPH. In some cases, it is enough to reduce the intake of certain liquids like caffeine and alcohol, fatty foods and of certain types of drugs. There are dietary supplements that can help as well.

MYTH: BPH must always be treated medically.

FACT: If you have been diagnosed with BPH but are not suffering from bothersome symptoms, you do not need treatment. However, if you are suffering from symptoms that affect your daily life like urgency in giving urine, or your sleep is affected by this, or any other bothersome symptom that affects your quality of life, there are many treatments available, there are different dietary supplement, drugs and more invasive treatments available. It is important not to take your situation for granted, don’t neglect yourself, you can take charge, reduce the symptoms and improve your life.

MYTH: Surgery for BPH can prevent Prostate cancer.

FACT: There is no connection between BPH and prostate cancer. If you decide to go for any type of BPH surgery, keep in mind that this surgery is focused on the inner part of the prostate, whereas prostate cancer – if it develops – develops usually in the exterior part of the prostate.

MYTH: Having or not having sex can affect the prostate.

FACT: There is no proof of any connection between your sexual activity and BPH. However, on a personal note, for a healthier and happier life, I do hope that you are having sex rather than not…

The above information is not a substitute for a medical consultation with your doctor.

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